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Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.

Dec 2, 2023

Sally Alexander returns to the #ReadingWithYourKids #Podcast to celebrate her latest books: "The Missing Cats" and "The Wild Turkeys." The series follows the adventures of Caitlin and her Ragdoll cat, Rio, who gained superpowers after the world lost its colors. Each book presents standalone adventures while maintaining an overarching storyline. "The Missing Cats" involves a mystery about missing blue-eyed cats, drawing inspiration from lost pet notices in the suburbs. Sally emphasizes teamwork and friendship as themes throughout the series.

The upcoming book, "The Wild Turkeys," is inspired by a group of wild turkeys invading a town. Sally introduces the idea of animals gaining unique powers due to the color loss event, bringing a tribe of turkeys seeking help to Caitlin and Rio. This book promises a unique Thanksgiving tale, blending unpredictable elements like a snowstorm and a turkey causing chaos.

The conversation delves into creativity, vulnerability, and the importance of allowing oneself to fail and take risks. Sally encourages young aspiring writers to embrace their imagination and start writing without fear of making mistakes.

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