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Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.

Nov 19, 2023

Mike Purewall returns to the #ReadingWithYourKids #Podcast to celebrate his new #ChildrensBook "Boban from Saltan." Mike tells us his  book is focused on teaching children about the world, the body, and nature through humor and whimsical rhymes. The book encourages kids to appreciate the little things in life and practice gratitude. The host and Mike also discussed the importance of living gratefully and the benefits it brings. Mike shared his journey from a corporate career to becoming a children's book author and emphasized the need to step out of one's comfort zone for personal growth. They also talked about the changing sense of humor in kids, influenced by technology and media. Mike expressed the importance he places on reading with his children and shared that his family has a no-screen rule during the week.

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