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Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.

Jul 9, 2024

In this heartwarming episode of "Reading With Your Kids," we dive into the world of Kids' books that tackle important social issues. First up, we chat with Shannon Anderson about her new book "B is for Belonging." Shannon shares how this alphabet book explores the concept of belonging versus fitting in, inspired by Brené Brown's work. She emphasizes the importance of creating a classroom environment where kids feel safe to be themselves and take creative risks.

Shannon also gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming books, including "I Love Blueberries" and "Speak Up with Your Beak Up." We discuss the evolving landscape of education and the need for innovation in teaching methods.

Next, we welcome Angela DeGroot, author of "Not Pop Pop." This touching story, based on real-life observations, follows a young boy who mistakes a homeless man for his grandfather at the library. Angela explains how the book gently introduces kids to the concept of homelessness and encourages empathy.
We explore the power of small acts of kindness and the importance of seeing the humanity in everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Angela shares tips for parents on how to discuss sensitive topics like homelessness with children, emphasizing the need for reassurance and understanding.

Both authors highlight the crucial role of picture books in starting difficult conversations with kids. They stress the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, whether in classrooms, families, or communities.

This episode is packed with insights on creating inclusive environments, challenging stereotypes, and nurturing empathy in young readers. It's a must-listen for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in using children's literature to build a more compassionate world.

Don't forget to check out "B is for Belonging" and pre-order "Not Pop Pop," releasing August 27th!