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Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.

Feb 13, 2024

Cynthia Harmony is on the #ReadingWithYourKids #Podcast to celebrate her new children's picture book "A Flicker of Hope". She discusses how the book tells the parallel stories of a young girl in Mexico named Lucia who waits for her father to return from working in the fields, and the annual migration of monarch butterflies between Canada and Mexico. Cynthia shares how her sister's experiences with an indigenous community in Mexico inspired her to tell a story that also addresses the issues of immigration and family separation. Jed Doherty and Cynthia discuss the cultural and spiritual significance of monarch butterflies in Mexico as well as the challenges faced by migrants. They explore how "A Flicker of Hope" offers many opportunities for discussion through its exploration of themes like family, culture, science, and hope.

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