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Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.

Feb 1, 2018

The Great Maritini by Jedlie is a wonderful picture book that helps kids discover the magic of being kind and caring. Get a free magic kit when you buy your bilingual edition at

Our guest today is Holly Marcus. Holly is here to tell us about her wonderful kids book The Best TreeHouse In The World. The Best Tree house in the World is a family-oriented book about a girl and her brother using the engineering design process to create the best tree house in the world. What do a pulley, a soup can, a light bulb, and white paint have in common? After building a treehouse with their grandpa, Kate and Alex find that it is too much work, too far, too dark, and too hot. By following the engineering design process and using simple materials like pulleys and light bulbs, they solve these problems. This STEM novel is sure to become your family's favorite read aloud.

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